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For just a $100 deposit, lock in your spot at the front of the line for our brand new 2025 model, save up to $1,500, and earn your VIP perks worth over $1,140 in value:

  • Get the Aviator E-Bike for $3,599 (22% off the $4,599 MSRP) OR
  • Get the Aviator Light Motorcycle for $4,499 (25% off the $5,999 MSRP)
  • First-in-line shipping
  • Quilted Hand Grips: Our custom hand grips aren't just incredibly stylish—they're also exceptionally comfortable. They provide additional cushioning and can be matched to the color of your seat. It's a must-have upgrade, which is why we've included it in our VIP package.
  • Beachman Bike Cover: Your Beachman is undeniably beautiful, and your new bike cover will keep it that way. Whether you store your bike outside, in your garage, or in an underground parking lot, our bike cover is an essential add-on to keep your ride in pristine condition.

NOTE: Outside of our Crowdfunding launches, we never discount our bikes. This will be your only opportunity to get a brand-new Aviator at less than full value, as a thank you for being an early supporter of our growing business.

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