Do I have a water the plants?

Mana has an autonomous watering system that handles all of the daily maintenance of growing. All you have to do is keep Mana filled with nutrient solution. Typically you will need to refill Mana every 3 – 4 weeks during the initial stages of growth, and every 1 – 2 weeks once all plants are mature.

What does Mana require to operate?

Mana requires the following: standard outlet power, water, nutrient concentrate, and seed pods. The nutrient concentrate, and seed pods can purchased from Vilij or other retailers.

How long does it take for the plants to grow?

Most leafy greens will be ready for harvest in approximately 30 days, and you can expect to re-harvest about 7-10 days after the initial harvest.

Do I have to place Mana near a window?

Mana is adaptable, with its integrated full spectrum grow light Mana produces all of the light that your plants need to grow. So you are free to place Mana anywhere that you like in your home.

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