Meet the Aviator, a Timeless Electric Cafe Racer

Get Yours and Make Everyday Rides and Adventure!

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Introducing the iconic Beachman Aviator, crafted to embrace the spirit of adventure.

With the Aviator, we’ve redesigned our classic frame from the ground up to seamlessly integrate a modern electric powertrain. 

Featuring sleek and cohesive lines and drawing inspiration from the retro elegance of 1960s cafe racers, the Aviator combines timeless vintage style with durability and electric features.

Make Every Journey an Adventure

  • s1
    Anti-theft handlebar lock & double-locked battery
  • s2
    Remote start/stop
  • s3
    Removable 40Ah
    Lithium Battery
  • s5
    Top speed of 45 mph
    with our Light Motorcycle
  • s5
    Top speed of 20mph,
    with 30mph off-road mode with our E-Bike
  • s6
    Top range of 56 miles
  • s7
    Max weight 300lbs - passenger friendly
  • s8
    Choose between our Class 2 E-Bike
    & our Light Motorcycle

All New Upgrades from the Original 64’ Ebike

New Custom Frame Design

With a nod to the retro chic of 1960s cafe racers, this design seamlessly blends vintage allure with modern durability and electric innovations.

Increased Theft Protection

The Aviator battery is accessed by opening a panel inside the gas tank, featuring a double-locking mechanism for enhanced theft protection. This innovative design includes amendments to ensure security and ease of use.

Handlebar Locks at 45 Degrees

The bike’s handlebars lock at a 45-degree angle, making it impossible to move in a straight line forward or backward while engaged.

Despite our new handlebar lock feature, we highly recommend that all of our customers invest in a Kryptonite lock, which comes with $5000 theft prevention coverage.

Saddle Up for 2

The Beachman e-bike stands out by accommodating two riders, a unique feature in the industry. This capability not only expands the horizons for adventure but also enables sharing of memorable moments with loved ones. 

Whether it’s a laid-back Sunday ride with a friend, sibling, or partner, the Beachman provides an ideal avenue for bonding and exploring together.

Remote Start & Stop Feature

The Aviator is equipped with a convenient remote start feature integrated into the bike’s keys. 

You can easily start the bike without manually turning the key or start it for a new rider. Perfect remote feature for instructional sessions.

Make Everyday Rides an Adventure

Beachman Aviator Tech Specs

Powertrain - Class 2 E-Bike

  • 90km (56 Miles) Range
  • 32km/h (20 Mph) Road-Regulation Top Speed
  • 50km/h (32 Mph) Off-Road Top Speed
  • 72v Brushless Hub Motor (500w Limited)
  • Removable 40Ah Lithium Battery with Built-In Charge Port
  • 20v Fast Charger, 3 Hours To 80% Charge
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on The Drivetrain (Voided in Off-Road Mode)
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Weight Limit 350lbs
  • Folding Bike Pedals
  • 6 feet End to End x 3 Feet High x 2 Feet Wide x 31 Inches (78cm) Seat Height
  • 18 Inch Wheels, 3 Inch Mixed-Use Tires
  • Front & Back Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Turn Signals, Loud Horn, LED Headlight, And LED Display
  • Steering Lock & Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Room For Two
  • 30-day Warranty on All Non-Powertrain Components

Powertrain - Light Motorcycle

  • 70km/h (45 Mph) Top Speed
  • 3000w Motor, 1500w Limited for Quebec)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on The Drivetrain
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Weight Limit 350lbs
  • 6 feet End to End x 3 Feet High x 2 Feet Wide x 31 Inches (78cm) Seat Height
  • 18 Inch Wheels, 3 Inch Mixed-Use Tires
  • Front & Back Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Turn Signals, Loud Horn, LED Headlight, And LED Display
  • Steering Lock & Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Room For Two
  • 30-day Warranty on All Non-Powertrain Components
  • Removable 40Ah Lithium Battery: Equipped with a built-in charge port and capable of over 70km of range per charge.
  • Optional Upgrade - Non-removable 60Ah Lithium Battery: Offers an extended range of over 90km. Ideal for longer journeys without the need for frequent recharges.

Build Your Dream Bike

The Aviator offers an exciting range of customizations, allowing you to personalize your ride to suit your unique style. Alongside our selection of five retro stock colors that beautifully complement the cafe racer aesthetic, you can also opt for a custom wrap on your tank for an additional fee, adding a unique touch to your bike.

Customize your leather seat, handlebars, headlight, turn signals and hand grips. You can also add both functionality and charm with beautifully crafted saddlebags that fit seamlessly onto the frame of your Beachman.

A Safe, Comfortable Cruise Everytime

The Aviator is overbuilt for an e-bike, coming with all the standard road safety features of a motorcycle: Road-safe brake lights, turn signals, and headlight. A loud horn, side reflectors, road-safe mirrors, and of course the added visibility that comes with a mid-size frame.

Saddle Up for 2

Handlebar Locks at 45 degrees

Remote Start & Stop Feature

Removable 40Ah Lithium Battery

Increased Theft Protection

New Custom Frame Design

Make Everyday Rides an Adventure

Designed to Last for a Lifetime of Adventures

Thanks to the unified construction of the new custom frame, the Aviator will enjoy enhanced durability compared to its predecessors. the Aviator’s custom frame design ensures a single, integrated structure. This advancement significantly boosts the longevity of the bike, the security of your battery, and the ride comfort & stability.

“It’s a much more premium feel than what people are used to from an e-bike”

Ben, Co-Founder

Affordably Priced for your Collection

Beachman Bikes were built for all riders. Our mission is to bring back the mopeds and small motorcycles of the 1960s-1980s,  share our love for bygone days of wild abandon and inspire everyday adventures with your friends and loved ones.

For just $100, reserve your Beachman Aviator at the incredible $1000 discounted launch day price of $3499 (MSRP $4500). Outside of our Indiegogo launches, we never discount our bikes. This will be your only opportunity to get a brand-new  Aviator at less than full value, as a thank you for being an early supporter of our growing business. 

We sincerely look forward to you joining us and our thousands of happy customers on this endless  journey. 

Ride safe friends and see you soon! —Ben & Steve

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will be two distinct Beachman Aviator models: the Aviator E-Bike and the Aviator Light Motorcycle. Both Aviator models are street-safe; however, there are important differences to note when deciding between the two models. 

The Aviator E-Bike is classified as a class 2 Electric Bicycle, with a top on-road speed of 20 mph. This model can be ridden on both roads and bike lanes due to its classification. 

Alternatively, the Aviator Light Motorcycle falls under a 50cc/Moped classification and therefore requires a Motorbike license and cannot be ridden in bike lanes.

You DO NOT need a motorcycle license to ride a class 2 E-Bike.

You DO need a motorcycle license or applicable driver’s license to drive a Light Motorcycle (LM), depending on your state/municipality.

Beachman has servicing center partners across Canada and the United States. If your bike needs servicing or repairs, we will work with you to ensure you get the parts and services you need.

Absolutely! We offer a couple of options for new customers who want to connect with existing owners.

Through our website, we have a ‘connect with an owner’ portal, which allows curious customers to reach out to Beachman Bike owners. Once you purchase your Beachman, you can register to become a member of this community.

Additionally, you can post questions to our Subreddit r/Beachmanbikes. This subreddit serves as a platform for discussions, questions, and sharing experiences related to Beachman bikes. It’s a great way to connect with other owners and enthusiasts.

We offer a range of accessories and customisations for your Beachman Aviator. These accessories include: custom tank wraps, diamondback leather seats, mid rise handlebars, off-road tires, quilted hand grips, headlight grills, signal light grills, bar-end mirrors, custom leather saddlebags, bike covers, racer goggles, leather riding gloves, traveler’s backpack, caps, toques, and key chains.

Yes, Absolutely, 100-percent. For both the Aviator Ebike and the Aviator Light Motorcycle you should be wearing a full-face DOT approved helmet.

Yes! We’ve partnered with Li-Cycle to offer recycling services to all customers. You can find more information on Li-Cycle at www.li-cycle.com

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on the left side of your steering column, engraved in the black metal. It’s important to write it down and keep it somewhere safe, such as in your phone contacts or a backup document. In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, having the VIN handy can be crucial for reporting it to authorities and assisting in its recovery.

All you need is a bike pump with a pressure gauge. Make sure you check the side of your tire to confirm the desired (maximum) PSI.

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