Blazon Ember Fits Perfect for Any Outdoor Home Entertaining No Wood, No Smoke, No Messy Hassle


Less Fuel




Whisper Quiet




Portable &

Designed to be environmentally friendly and safe

Highly Efficient, Low Carbon Blue Flame Burner

Unlike most portable and patio heaters on the market today, which use infrared to heat objects and can be harsh to the skin, the Blazon Ember gently heats the air with clean blue flame.  Our burners are 99.9% efficient and produce twice the heat as orange or yellow flames.  This means you need less fuel to stay warm.

Powerful Whisper Quiet Blower

Heat rises so quickly that most of the heat produced by portable and patio heaters goes straight up into the air and is wasted. The Blazon Ember has a whisper quiet blower so you can direct 100% of the heat up to 6 feet away to where you need it the most.

Unique Ways To Heat

The Blazon Ember blows heated air up to 6 feet away in a cone shaped pattern.  This allows you to position it in unique ways to heat areas that would normally require a larger heater or two small heaters.

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World’s First Internal Thermal Generator

We’ve created the world’s first internal DC thermal generator in an outdoor heater. The generator leverages a natural phenomenon called the Seeback Effect in clever ways to produce DC power for the internal blower and USB port to charge your devices.

Blazon Heaters
Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication

What Makes Blazon Stand Out

Traditional Outdoor Heater

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Crafted to Inspire

With 99% efficiency and low carbon footprint, stay warm even in the coldest months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

15” Wide, 12” Front to back, 12” Tall

Propane - 1lb, 5lb, 10lb, 11lb, 20lb propane tanks

IsoPropane - screw-on Isopropane tank with adaptor (adaptor not included)

The Blazon Ember comes in Black or White.

The blower projects all of the heat produced horizontally up to 6 feet. This allows you to sit back and relax away from the heater and still stay warm.

Blazon Portable Heater is Perfect for any Home and Outdoor

With its modern and stylish looks it creates a great focal point, whilst ensuring a cosy atmosphere

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