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The Game-Changing VR Interface Revolutionizing the Future of Gaming

When the first VR gaming devices were launched, the industry was full of anticipation, excitement. The future of gaming was right now. But the reality didn’t live up to the hype. The games were limited, the technology uncomfortable, the constant nausea, you needed a large playing area. It wasn’t practical, it wasn’t the revolution we were promised.

Until now, NeuroSync Labs has been on a mission to make VR great. To make your VR experience the game changer we all want. As gamers and VR enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the problem and that’s why we created C-Infinity.

Designed and developed in Texas, C-Infinity is the ultimate neuro-digital VR interface. Backed by scientific research, it allows you to experience the true sense of locomotion and return to your favorite games (link to the huge list of mod games available), primed to enjoy them to the fullest allowing you to enjoy the best VR tech and conquer your virtual worlds.

C-Infinity Controls



Left and right rotation

C-Infinity at a glance

Reduces nausea
Puts your safety first
Backed by scientific research
Compatible with all VR headsets
Play for longer without fatigue
Fits in
Small Spaces
Reduces nausea
Puts your safety first
Backed by scientific research
Compatible with all VR headsets
Play for longer without fatigue
Fits in small spaces

Return to your favorite games, nausea-free

Experience True Locomotion

C-Infinity applies neuroscience-based principles to traditional VR, so you’ll experience true locomotion without the motion sickness. Creating a perfect synergy between your body and the simulation.

Relax and enjoy the game

With C-Infinity, you’re comfortable and physically supported in your gameplay. By reducing the pressure on your legs and back,  you can game for longer while you’re fully immersed, comfortable and not fatigued. Keeping you in the virtual simulation ready to play real VR, the way it was promised.

Level up your gaming

Compatible with all VR headsets and even non-VR content. The C-Infinity brings any game to life. Overcoming previous VR limitations and expanding your gameplay. Bringing a whole new dimension to your gaming.

Play without limitations

C-Infinity is designed to take up minimal floor space in your office or home at just 30” x 35”. That’s all the space you need to enjoy all your favorite games, terrains and worlds. No more clearing a room or walking into walls. Instead that small space will allow you to expand your world.

C-Infinity at CES

C-Infinity made a grand debut at CES, leaving audiences astounded by reshaping the future of gaming. C-Infinity transports players into a realm where reality and virtual worlds merge effortlessly. This game-changing technology promises to revolutionize the gaming industry, captivating enthusiasts and opens up a new era of limitless possibilities in virtual entertainment.

The ultimate way to transform your space into a VR-ready station

VR gaming but better than you’ve ever known it.

Technical Specifications

Minimum user height: 4'7"

Maximum user height: 7′

Maximum user weight: 400lbs

Powered by USB cable, no external power or batteries required

Compatible with all PCVR headsets, any PC, Android phone, Quest*, and PS4/PS5 with an adapter

Device maximum height: 62 inches

Device minimum height: 48 inches

Device width: 28 inches

Device length: 35 inches

Device weight: 105lbs

Ergonomically designed to support your body for a prolonged period of time

Prolonging your gaming experience with safety and comfort

C-Infinity supports your body while you plan, reducing pressure on your back and legs while you comfortably rest your arms. Our innovative solutions also prevents collisions with objects and people during game time. Optimising your position and allowing you to enjoy longer, more comfortable VR sessions while keeping you, and others around you, safe.

Designed for The Ultimate At-Home VR Experience


When you send commands through sensors in C-Infinity, the signals for slight sensation of motion are generated in the brain. These weak, initial signals combined with the visual confirmation in the gameplay creates a sensation of movement.

Not at all. Some initial assembly is required but then you can just plug and play.

We’ve spent over 8 years testing and developing C-Infinity. Testing different configurations with over 17,000 people. We’re confident that C-Infinity will help you believe in, and enjoy VR at a whole new level than right now.

The unit is easily moved around, but it’s simple to disassemble if necessary as well. It shouldn’t take one person more than 10-15 minutes to disassemble to a point where it’s very easy to move and put away.

PC, which means all PC compatible VR headsets work with the C-Infinity.

PlayStation VR, through a third party controller adapter also works flawlessly.

Standalone VR headsets (Quest, Pico, Focus etc.) are supported but they’re limited to titles that take advantage of regular gamepad support. 

Mobile phone VR is also supported. Any android game running in VR using either the Samsung Gear VR headset or any of the third party phone VR boxes will work with the C-Infinity through a simple OTG cable adapter.

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