Calorica: The Calorie-Reducing Plate

Don't change your lifestyle - choose the right plate.

Instinctive Self Draining

Place your meal in the raised center of the plate & watch the fatty, excess oils drain away.

Beautiful in Every Home

Designed to match all kitchens – these plates will elevate & refine your china collection.

Designed with Intention

Enjoy your meals knowing your plate has gone through extensive testing to ensure efficient oil draining.

Top Features


The spiral design in the plate was inspired by the mollusk Nautilus, containing the golden ratio


The plate design has a blend of Arita & Hasami ware porcelain – combining innovation, creativity, & quality


There is a delicate balance between the raised center of the plate and the plate’s edge

Handmade Design

Each plate has been molded by hand by our craftsmen through Aritaware tradition

Self Draining

Instantly reduces the oil content of each meal by draining it from the raised middle to the outer-edge

Patented Concept

Patented in China, Japan, Singapore, & United States – confirming the uniqueness of Calorica.

Draining Excess Oil Beautifully

 Calorica reduces the calories of your meals without compromising your diet

Hand Designed with Care

Created & glazed by hand, this plate blends traditional Japanese porcelain with beautiful, high quality, durable materials. 

Patent Pending Design

Inspired by the golden ratio from the Nautilus mollusk spiral, the elegant lines of the plate stem from the raised center to the depressed outer-edge.

Microwave, Oven, & Dishwasher Safe

Able to withstand any conditions of a home – prepare your meals & clean with ease without having to worry of damaging your plate in the process.

Tech Specs

Everything you need to know to confirm Calorica is the right plate for you!

Dinner Plate - 240mm (9.45in diameter); Peak height 180mm (7in)
Salad Plate - 190mm (7.48in diameter); Peak height 150mm (6in)
Dinner Plate - 510g (1.1 lb)
Salad Plate - 310g (0.7 lb)
Hasami Ware Porcelain
Microwave, Oven, & Dishwasher Safe

Calorica in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

Calorica is made out of traditional Hasami Ware porcelain. You can ensure that the plate is of highest quality for your kitchen!

We are shipping worldwide!

We offer a Dinner plate (9.45in diameter) & a Salad plate (7.48in diameter).

No, they are not. Calorica is innovative in that we used 3D modelling to find the perfect ratio and balance between the height & size of the plate. However, the raised curvature of the plate is hand-made by the designer, based on the golden ratio.

Yes, Calorica is perfect for heating up your food! Though, due to the temperature limit of porcelain, we do not recommend cooking food in them.

We understand that accidents happen! Unfortunately, we do not offer insurance ourselves to help offset the cost if the plates arrive broken. However, our shipping partner does offer insurance to help offset the cost if a package is lost, stolen, or damaged.

We do not offer any warranties, however our shipping partner can certainly assist to offset the cost of damaged packages!

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