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Visible  Underwater  Excitement, Smart Fishing Experience

CHASING F1 Pro is the world’s first fishing drone letting you monitor and detect fish from your smartphone. The rotatable underwater camera gives you a first look of exactly what’s happening underwater, bringing a whole new experience to your fishing trip. The drone will automatically return to the preset point when it exceeds the signal range of the controller.

CHASING F1 Pro At A Glance

Works in dim
social network
20 meter
6-hour battery
ios / android

Fish Smarter, Not Harder

See everything from a wide angle

The underwater rotatable camera gives you 360 degree views and allows you to tilt the wide-range angle 27.5 degree upwards and 75 degree downwards for full visibility.

Modern day fishing

For decades the mystery of what’s happening underwater has dominated fishing.  The CHASING F1 Pro gives you an underwater camera with 2 meters of visual range under dim-light conditions. 

No more guesswork

The CHASING F1 Pro’s whale tail like design reduces water-resistance and provides better signal by placing and raising the positions of the antenna to enhance signal strength while preventing the connection from being corroded by water. 

Smooth spooling and tangle-free

A built-in automatic cable reel smoothly lowers or lifts the camera up to 20 meters without any tangles allowing you to see what’s going on underwater in real time.

Cruise without the worry

The built-in GPS allows you to keep position and mark multiple fishing spots while cruising and observing between places. It automatically returns to the present point when it exceeds the controller’s signal range. 

Fishing, But Not
As You Know It

Traditional angling relies on what you can see above water. CHASING F1 Pro takes you under the surface for an immersive fishing experience.

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Diving Deep With The F1 Pro

Diving Deep With The F1 Pro

  • Livestream to Facebook, YouTube or TikTok
  • Underwater rotatable camera with full HD starlight lens
  • Wide-angle 27.5° upward, 75° downward, and 360° horizontal. 1080P videos/ 2 megapixels photos.
  • Built-in Sony STARVIS sensors 6* floodlight. 2 meters visual range under dim-light conditions.
  • 32GB SD card
  • 4800mAh lithium battery - up to 6 hours working time
  • Probes to a depth of 20 meters
  • Control with the app or a controller
  • Sonar bracket
  • Built-in GPS
  • 4 vectored thrusters for multi-directional movement
  • Fishing spot recording

Frequently Asked Questions

CHASING F1 Pro is used for Terrace fishing, Lake fishing, Shore fishing, Resevoir fishing. Sea fishing is not recommended.

The Cable reel can lift/lower the probe at a maximum depth of 20 meters from the 

You should first enable the cellular data of the mobile phone, then click ‘Start Live 
broadcast’ in the Settings, fill in the RTMPURL and RTMP key, Select whether to 
‘Record sound’, Click ‘Start Live broadcast, choose CHASING GO2, finally click ‘Open’ to 
initiate live streaming.

No subscription needed. After downloading the CHASING Go2 APP on your phone or tablet, and pairing it to CHASING F1 Pro, you can start enjoying intelligent fishing.

CHASING F1 Pro is equipped with a underwater rotatable camera with 1080P Full HD Starlight Lens.

The lithium battery works for up to 6 hours. It’s replaceable which can extend the fishing time.

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