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My Fanny Nanny for Every Nook and Cranny

The ultimate bathroom essential, a must have for every bathroom. Flushable wet wipes right at your fingertips, convenient and sanitary.

We’ve all experienced that crappy moment when toilet paper Just isn’t enough. Elevate your bathroom experience with My Fanny Nanny. Why settle for just clean, when you can get Fanny Nanny clean.

Say Goodbye to the Bathroom Blues

No more looking for those wet wipes that are just out of reach or worse…in another bathroom! Turn your bathroom visits into a new level of convenience and style, with My Fanny Nanny!

Fresh Flushable Wipes

Smart Phone Holder

Air-Freshener Compartment

Universal Toilet Paper Holder

Robust Metal Housing

Easy Wall Mount or Stand Alone

Hotel-like Restroom Features and Elegance

Safely Dispose Wipes​

Tough enough to get the job done, yet gentle on the skin. My Fanny Nanny flushable and sewer safe wipes are made with 100% plastic-free, biodegradable plant-based fibers. They’re designed for toilets, so you and your septic tank can rest easy.

Easy Installation

Every My Fanny Nanny is equipped with our easy to install wall mount. Our unique slide system, with our interchangeable wet wipe door, allows you to mount My Fanny Nanny on either side of your toilet. For those of you that would prefer a standalone unit, we have those too.

*Stands sold separately.

Universal Design and Finish

The modern design introduces a touch of elegance that delivers the reliability and functionality to get the job done.

Interchangeable Air Fresheners

My Fanny Nanny is equipped with a vented air freshener compartment and custom scented beechwood pucks that carry the highest quality and long lasting fragrance oils. Choose from a variety of popular scents to always keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Cell Phone Holder

Catch up on sports, scroll through social media, or watch the latest news all while taking care of business in a convenient hands free location.

A Great Gift Idea​

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who has everything? My Fanny Nanny makes a great gift idea for everyone. Buy one for all of your family and friends!

My Fanny Nanny Has Your Back

Now we’re asking you to have our back by backing us! Back us today and turn that crappy hand into a Royal Flush!

My Fanny Nanny for every Nook and Cranny!

Engineered for Maximum Convenience

  • Height:
    7.5 inches tall 6.5 inches wide
  • Weight:
    1.8 lbs (without stand)
  • Materials:
    Aluminum housing over a PVC


My Fanny Nanny comes equipped with a mounting plate that can easily be installed where your toilet paper holder is today. Once installed My Fanny Nanny slides on to the mounting plate with ease. Complete installation can be done in minutes. For added convenience or smaller bathroom setups we also offer a stand (sold separately)

Yes! Our wipes were formulated to be safe on a septic system and soft on the tender parts yet durable enough to get the job done. We have also designed the package to fit nicely within My Fanny Nanny and dispense properly every time. 

7.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide with a depth of 4 inches its big enough to fit everything you need but not too bulky to take up valuable space in the bathroom.

Our air freshener port fits our custom Beechwood fragrance infused pucks. We have several scents to choose from and enjoy. The wood puck is designed to soak up the fragrance and last much longer than a typical bathroom potpourri.

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