Build a miniature world unlike any you've seen before.

Create cities, villages, castles or wherever imagination takes you. Dress your creation with stickers on the walls for authentic and reusable designs.

Unlimited worlds and layouts

Follow our build suggestions or get creative and free-build. Choose themed sticker books to create the look you love. Reusable stickers can be easily applied and removed. Change up your look for the holidays.

Art and science meet in really fun way

Building blocks enhance creative problem solving ability and mathematical skills as well as spatial intelligence. A Quibbli build promotes a feeling of accomplishment which builds self esteem.

A toy that invites kids to play again and again

Pack it away and rebuild it anew or grow your city. Add endless details and range as we release new sticker sets and characters. Warning: can be addictive for parents too!

Quibbli makes you the architect

With limitless shapes and designs, Quibbli also comes with sticker facades to bring your city to life.

Cooperative play

Ditch the iPad and reconnect with friends and family as you build a Quibbli Playscape. Develop social skills in a super fun educational experience that’ll engage the whole family.  Create and share memories together. Dust off your old toys and introduce them to a whole new world. The only limit is your imagination.

Select your theme

Choose photorealistic stickers to create tiny lifelike buildings or bring your comics to life in a world suitable for villains and superheroes alike.

Seasonal themes and layouts

Change it up for the holidays. Build a creepy old town for Halloween, or a winter wonderland during the festive season.

From fairytale villages* to farms and even skyscrapers, Quibbli has a theme to suit every family member and occasion. 

Expand your world

Add playmats, more buildings, and new sticker sets. Bring your other toys to play. The only limit is your imagination!

Ready to unpack and build


Puzzling together road sections and building the city encourages creative problem-solving and spatial awareness. Line followers bring the city to life screen-free

Endless designs

From skyscrapers to small village houses, dark halloween villages to bright pink houses. The options are endless.

Holiday fun

Bring the family together and spend quality time building a Quibbli feature piece for the home and celebrate each season.

Reusable Stickers

Static cling stickers peel on and off with ease and won’t stick to your furniture!

For ages 4 and up

Adults will find joy in perfecting small cities and adding in finer details, while younger kids learn while creating in a free-build experience.

Modular pieces

Themed sticker books, extra blocks, robotic characters, and play mat sections can be purchased separately. A starter kit is just the beginning.

What's in the box

Quibbli Starter Kit
35 jumbo blocks
Sticker Design
1 Jumbo sticker catalogue of materials (your choice of style)
Instruction manual included


Yes. Block sets are pre-assembled proportionally, considering normal requirements for roof block quantities versus building blocks. However, sets of these plain black blocks can be purchased separately. Characters, play mats and sticker sets can all be purchased separately too. 

While a fully built out set can be quite large (as large as the player chooses!) Disassembling the toy is rapid and playmats are modular, like giant puzzle pieces. A starter set broken down packs up comfortably into any standard toy bin and most buildings are packable without being broken down at all.

Cars and characters use line following technology. Any breaks in your road network and the character will get lost. Be sure to design your network well 🙂 Switch on the character and place it onto the road. It will immediately follow the line and navigate the playscape, turning randomly at junctions.

All materials are compliant with US regulations for children’s products.

This toy is suitable for children ages 4 – 80+. The look of the city evolves with age, but there are no limitations to trying. We find ages 6 and up get the most joy out of their creations.

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