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Introducing RIO Router:

Meet The “Fort Knox” of
Home WiFi Security Routers

From the team that brought you   

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  • Enterprise Grade Cybersecurity
  • Built-In VPN Privacy
  • Dual Level Password Control
  • Mesh WiFi Extension
  • WiFi 6 Speed and tons more
  • Developed by executives from Foxconn, PC Matic, and Packard Bell

From Cybersecurity Experts at PC Matic

RIO is revolutionizing the cybersecurity role of a router within the home network.

Powered by the team from PC Matic, we aim to elevate the home router from a mere WiFi device to a central, focal point that seamlessly creates a digital fortress to protect all your smart home devices from online intruders.

RIO is more than just another router; it’s transforming an enterprise-grade security solution into an easy-to-use, consumer-friendly, and affordable home security device for your home or small business network.

High-Speed Performance, Not Your Ordinary Router

Say Good-bye to Your Old Vulnerable Router

  • Integrated Enterprise
    Device Security
  • 16 VLAN
  • Built-in VPN
  • Allowlisting
    Parental Controls
  • Create up to 4
    separate networks
  • Guest Connection
  • DNS & Web
  • Dual Level
    Password Control

Why Hackers Hate

Easily Control WiFi Settings
From the Palm of Your Hand

Block Users from Joining your WiFi

Enterprise-grade security that only allows authorized/ approved devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network with or without your router password. Any unknown device attempting to connect is immediately placed in a waiting room, never being allowed into your network until you allow it.

RIO customers are alerted in real-time of who and what is trying to connect. Approve devices in a single click from the easy-to-use RIO mobile app. This protects you and your network of connected devices from the growing issue of hackers obtaining your stolen and compromised passwords from the dark web. Experience Digital Home Defense with just a single tap. 

Lock Out Hackers with Built-In VPN

RIO automatically encrypts and anonymizes all connected devices’ identification, location, and communication.

All devices that connect to RIO, including IoT devices that could not get VPN before (Alexa, smart thermostats, baby monitors, security cameras, doorbells), can now experience true internet privacy.

Protect Your Family From Malicious Websites

Never worry about clicking on a nefarious link or visiting a malware filled website again. Rio’s built in DNS and Web filtering protects you and your connected devices by blocking malicious websites and filtering out harmful or inappropriate content.

Simply Control + Create New Passwords For Guests

RIO can personalize up to 16 SecureRooms™ for unfamiliar guests. Perfect for Airbnb rentals, hosting parties, overnight guests, or customers accessing your network for the day.

RIO will automatically remove each device once they exit the network and also require preapproval if they attempt to join again.

RIO Removes the Hassle of Password Resetting

Effortlessly improve your cyber hygiene with two levels of password protection. From router to SecureRoom™, all at your fingertips with the free RIO mobile app.

Easily change a SecureRoom™ password and log back in only on devices within the room instantly! Say goodbye to re-entering WiFi passwords on every device when you change a single password!

Don't Become Another Statistic of ID Theft

  • Cyberattacks occur every
    39 seconds
  • 90% of top WiFi routers are vulnerable to cyberattacks
  • Over 15 million IoT devices were hacked in 2023
  • In 2023, Cybercrime cost Americans nearly $3 billion
  • 38% of Americans experience at least 1 of their passwords hacked

Most Routers don’t have built-in VPN, RIO does

80% of consumers have had their information leaked onto the dark web. Meaning hackers already know who you are and where you are. All they need to do is get inside.

Hackers love homes using the traditional router on the market. Why?

At little to no cost, hackers are able to obtain the single password on your conventional router, and walk right through the unlocked door.

Maneuvering throughout your network of devices completely undetected.
Watching, listening, recording, and doing whatever fulfills their twisted desire.

They can be there for minutes, or even stay for months.

Your old router will allow them to hang around and never alert you of the nefarious and malicious things they are doing.

RIO Stops Hackers and the Threat at the Door.

With no available protection, IoT smart devices, including TVs, doorbells, voice assistants, security cameras, baby monitors, garage door openers, and thermostats, are left completely vulnerable.

Sophisticated threats from all over the world are attempting to infiltrate all your personal devices and information in any way they can! Stop them at the door with RIO Router!

RIO’s next-generation allowlisting protection combined with the proprietary power of SecureRoom™ technology, ensures only authorized connections can access your network of internet connected devices, but also that the approved devices are ONLY able to communicate with what devices YOU want them to speak with.

See the RIO Router in Action

To fight new waves of online threats, governments and big corporations are turning to key experts in the cybersecurity space to protect themselves with premium and expensive enterprise solutions.

RIO is the first home router designed with cutting-edge technology by our expert team to combat newer cyber threats from the same relentless hackers.

Now you can protect your home safely and securely with some of the highest-grade solutions in one device at an affordable price.

Cable Companies Issue Cheap Routers & Make You Lease!

Rented routers provided by your Internet Service Providers are not only outdated containing end of life components, but have ZERO protection built in. Containing hundreds of new vulnerabilities discovered inside them EVERY YEAR.

One vulnerability is an unlocked door for a hacker into your network.

Cable companies know this, and charge you to have that open door in your home. You are paying them every month for your home to be infiltrated.
They profit while you remain at risk to lose everything.

It’s time to take back control. RIO has your back.

Get Affordable Enterprise Security at $299


Top Rated Router

Cable Co. Issued


VIP Pricing $299
MSRP $549.99



Device Allowlisting Protection

Built-in Universal VPN

Dual Level Password Control

SecureRoom™ Technology

Number of WiFi Networks (SSID)

Up to 4

Up to 2

Up to 1

Allowlisting Parental Controls

Guest Connection Protection

Wide Area Network Access

Mesh Extension Capabilities

Dual Band WiFi 6 Speed

No More Sacrificing Security and Performance

Traditional routers make it easy for you to connect and go, at the cost of introducing risks due to no security in place. Security, performance, and ease of use on a router together have never existed before….until now.

RIO Has Revolutionized the Home WiFi Experience.

For the first time ever, flagship network protection is now simple for anyone to use.
Get all the protection AND keep the WiFi speed performance you’ve come to love.

Rio doesn’t cut any corners, unlike the others.
Experience Power, Performance, Security, and Simplicity all in one.

Keep Binging Your Favorite Shows and Movies!

Seamlessly stream your favorite content on Netflix, Disney, Hulu and more securely and privately like never before.

Get Your Game on!

Play online for hours with the peace of mind that lurkers are not executing malware on your network while you’re not looking.

Experience Fast and Secure Internet!

Surf the web, online shop, video chat, and more with industry-leading WiFi 6 speeds while remaining completely anonymous 24/7/365.

Enjoy your digital life like you never could before, with RIO.

Technical Specifications


  • 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n/ax
  • 5Ghz 802.11a/n/ac/ax
  • Antenna - Up to 5.0 dBi

    SSIDs - Up to 4 per radio

    CPU - Qualcomm IPQ8072A Quad ARM Cortex A53 64bit @2.2GHz

    DRAM - DDR4 DRAM : 1GB

    Flash - eMMC : 8GB

    Power Input - DC input: 12V

    Dimensions - 231 mm (H) x 150 mm (L) x 100mm (W)

    Weight - 900 g

    LED Indicator - 1x Tri-Color LED Indicator: Power/Status

    Buttons - ON/OFF, Reset, WPS

    Set up Rio with ease using our free app

    Compatible With iOS and Android

    Flagship Protection Made Affordable

    • Zero Trust Device Protection
    • Built-in VPN Privacy
    • Secureroom Technology
    • Guest Connection Protection
    • Dual Level Password Control
    • Create Up to 4 WiFi Networks
    • Wide Area Network Access
    • DNS & Web Filtering
    • Allowlisting Parental Controls
    • Dual Band WiFi 6 Speed

    Meet the RIO Team, Over Half a Century in Tech and Cyber Experience

    John Hui, President

    • 40+ years in network hardware
    • Former Chief Strategy Officer of Foxconn
    • Chief Executive Officer and Founder of eMachines
    • Chief Executive Officer of Packard Bell, and more

    Zack Austin, Chief Operating Officer

    • Proficiency in Cyber Resilience and Threat Intelligence
    • Vice President of PC Matic
    • Former Senior Sales Engineer and Malware Analyst
    • Helped NIST author multiple Zero Trust Architecture publications

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Adding WiFi Extenders or Mesh to your RIO router has never been easier before. To add an extender, you must install another RIO router. Once installed, click on system found at the bottom of your dashboard. Select the newly added router, and select Mesh Mode as Extender. Your original router will need to be selected as controller.

    RIO allows you the ability to create up to 4 separate WiFi networks. You can change the network names, passwords, and what devices are connected all within your RIO mobile app.

    Yes! RIO has revolutionized the home router by making enterprise security easy to set up and use for the first time ever! Any home or business owner can experience complete network defense at a fraction of what enterprises pay hundreds of thousands for.

    Got a phone? Got a Rio? You’re all set! RIO makes setup extremely simple and walks you step by step on how to get up and running throughout RIO’s free mobile app!

    RIO delivers all the built-in protection that competitor home routers do not, while retaining the high performing WiFi 6 speeds and range. RIO delivers dual band 2.4 and 5ghz speeds across your network.

    RIO offers all customers a 1 year warranty from the purchase date. All RIO purchases come equipped with lifetime over the air updates. Never pay for any new features ever again!

    Yes! RIO can be set up to run as the only router connected to your modem, or piggy back off your connected old router. We know you’ll enjoy the RIO experience, so we let the product do the talking by letting you choose what you want to do – you’ll eventually toss your old router and make RIO your home standard.

    Nope! We know the industry loves to charge you an arm and a leg for more robust features and upgrades. With RIO, over the air updates are free for LIFE. Yes you heard right – FREE FOR LIFE.

    Allowlisting is a proactive method of protection that only allows what you know/approve as good – blocking all the rest. Think of it like a VIP list. If you’re not on the list – you’re not coming in. Whether we know you as bad or don’t know you at all, you are unauthorized and kept out. Simple as that!

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