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Unlock the Perfect Nap to Improve Your Productivity, Alertness, & Wellbeing Today.

Our technology makes sure you never wake up from a nap feeling tired again.

How it Works


Tell Somvai how long you have to nap.


Somvai uses radar to detect when you have drifted off.


Our patented algorithms wake you up so that you feel alert and always have a good nap.


Get up and enjoy the rest of your day feeling energized, productive, and ready to be your best self!

But what if I can't nap or sleep because I struggle to drift off?

Somvai has inbuilt features to help you fall asleep. Fast.

Breathing Exercises use somvai's inbuilt light ring to encourage cardiac coherence.

White and Brown Noise can be enabled to encourage sleep. Once somvai has detected you have drifted off it'll switch off.


  • Tracks breathing &
  • Breathing exercises
  • White and brown
  • No subscription fees
  • No app required
  • Rechargeable &

Mastering the Art of Rejuvenating Naps

Perfect Timing

Imagine this: It's 4 PM, and fatigue is weighing you down. Yet, you're determined not to give up on the day, especially with a crucial meeting at 5 PM. 

Our radar-based technology analyses your vitals and movement from a distance, understanding when to wake you up from your nap to feel most energised. 

Personalized Naps

It's not just about setting a timer; Somvai accounts for your individual sleep onset duration and the specific stage of sleep you reach. 

Recognizing that we all differ – some of us drift into a rejuvenating slumber in 15 minutes, while for others, it might take 20 – the device ensures you wake up at the optimal moment, feeling revitalized and ready to conquer what's ahead. 

Breathing Exercises

Somvai not only monitors your sleep but also assists you in drifting off peacefully with our in-built light. 

You have the option to enable this unique feature when preparing for a nap. Those who find sleep elusive can engage the light, which rhythmically illuminates in tune with ideal breathing patterns. The light is set to the optimal brightness - ensuring its effectiveness even with closed eyes.

The light wakeup effect mirrors nature's own sunrise lamps, gradually increasing in brightness to gently rouse you from your nap.

White and Brown Noise

Step into a world where intelligent white and brown noise helps you to sleep. 

Not only do we offer these soothing sounds to help you drift into dreamland, but we've also crafted a gentle wake-up call. 

Gone are the days of jarring alarms. Instead, imagine being gradually awakened by subtle sounds and gradual light, progressively intensifying, ensuring your transition from sleep to wakefulness is smooth and serene. 

Always Ready

Never be without the power of the perfect nap. Somvai boasts a highly efficient rechargeable battery, allowing you to carry the device wherever you go. 

Non-Wearable Tech

Somvai’s revolutionary tech harnesses the power of radar to detect your sleep onset without any the need to wear any physical attachments. It’s all about making your nap or sleep experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

What's in the Box


Stand – Available in a choice of materials

Charging Cable

Unlock the Perfect Nap

Nap Optimization

Somvai uses radar sensing to gently wake you up at the perfect point in time to make you feel most energized.

Time Constraints

You can tell Somvai when you need to be up by, and it will give you the best possible nap within that time.

Breathing Aid Light

Struggling to take your nap? Somvai will rhythmically pulse its lights for you to follow with your breathing, helping you fall asleep faster.

Intelligent Soundscapes

Somvai can play a number of soundscapes to help you drift off, and get the most out of your nap.

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  • Tracks breathing & movement
  • Breathing aid light
  • Time constraints
  • Intelligent soundscapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The radar detects breathing and small movements regardless of whether you are sleeping on your back, front or side, or under a blanket.

No. Somvai is a non-wearable device. Simply place it near your nap area, and it will work its magic from a distance.

No, the device is completely standalone.

No, there is no app required for Somvai to function therefore no ongoing fees.

Yes, the radar technology in Somvai is designed to be safe for everyday use. Its primary function is to track breathing and movement patterns from a distance, ensuring a non-intrusive, hassle-free nap experience.

No. Standalone apps use the accelerometer or microphone on your phone which cannot be used to infer your sleep cycle, or when to wake you up.

No wearable on the market can detect when you should wake up from a nap. Also, wearables are uncomfortable – especially during nap time!

Somvai can be placed in a variety of spaces and multiple stands will be available. The device will be able to detect you from up to 2m away so it doesn’t even have to be placed right next to you.

No, Somvai operates independently without the need for a separate app. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to set up and manage your nap preferences directly on the device. This means you don’t have to worry about syncing with other devices or dealing with app updates and compatibility issues.

Absolutely not. We believe in providing a full experience without hidden fees or recurring charges. When you purchase Somvai, you have full access to all its features without any additional subscription. We aim to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of Somvai without any extra financial commitments.

Somvai has a long-lasting battery that can support up to a week of regular napping use on a single charge. Charging is simple: it comes with a USB-C cable that can be plugged into any standard USB port or adapter.


Somvai can also be permanently plugged in to a USB-C wall adapter.

While Somvai is not a medical device and should not replace professional medical advice, it is designed to help users optimize their nap times, and drift off quickly with white noise and breathing exercises which can contribute to better overall sleep quality. If you have chronic sleep problems, we recommend consulting a healthcare provider.

Yes, Somvai is perfect for anyone with an unconventional sleeping pattern, such as shift workers. Its intelligent algorithm adapts to your schedule to help you find the best times to nap, ensuring you feel refreshed whenever you wake.

Somvai uses proprietary technology to analyze your environment and physiological signals to wake you at the optimal time, making sure you do not enter deep sleep. This means you’re less likely to feel groggy upon waking.

While Somvai does not require an app for updates, we are committed to improving our technology. If there are significant firmware updates or new features, we will provide a simple and straightforward process for updating your device.

Somvai and its team are based out of Oxford and Cambridge, UK.

We’re here to help! You can reach out to us at info@somvai.com.

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