The Coolest Little Microfarm for Your Home

SproutyPod makes it fun and easier than ever to grow your own food, up your nutrition intake and boost your overall health.

Harvest a healthy and delicious lifestyle

Beautiful Design

Thoughtfully designed to be a beautiful and lifelong addition to your home.

Super Easy Setup

Everything you need to sprout a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your kitchen.

Healthy Eating

100% locally grown. No electricity, no chemicals, and no plastic waste.

We Made Sprouting Easy Peas-y

In just a few simple steps, SproutyPod makes it easy and fun to enjoy fresh, delicious sprouts.

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Sprout Out Loud

We designed SproutyPod with love, focusing on a conscious design for your health and our world’s.

Nutrient Packed

Young sprouts can have up to 100x times more enzymes that can protect the body from cancer causing agents.


The use of SproutyPod cuts down on our individual carbon footprint and is made with eco-friendly parts and packaging.

Budget Healthy

Every year of home sprouting saves you $300, and the environment from 104 pieces of plastic waste.

Sprouting Made Easy

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Why Sprouts?

Sprouts are delicious ‘mini-veggies’ that offer many health benefits. They are packed with micro-nutrients, amino acids, and minerals that are vital for good health and wellbeing.

Better Digestion

Stops anti-nutrients for healthier digestion

Immune Boost

Healthy micro-nutrients boosts immune system


Sprouts are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals you need daily 

Add Sprouts to Every Meal

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