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CUSTOS Web-3 enabled noise-cancelling headphones with LTE connectivity

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Experience True Mobility

Leave your phone behind!

The 2.0 inch OLED dynamic touchscreen allows you to use the headphones on the go to play music, take calls, join team meetings, receive text messages by listening and responding by speaking, complete blockchain transactions, track your workouts and play games, all without needing a phone.

Mute button 

Fingerprint-resistant 2.0 inch OLED display 

LTE/4G/3G global network capability.

2.0 GHz 8 octa-core CPU & 6GB or 4GB RAM 

  Water resistant semi-aniline leather

  Active noise cancellation

 Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled

                                                            On-device controls

                                                     256G or 128G internal drive

 Android re-engineered iLuminum
                            OS with OTA updates
2.0 GHz 8 octa-core CPU &
6GB or 4GB RAM
LTE/4G/3G global
network capability

Mute button

Fingerprint-resistant 2.0
inch OLED display
Water resistant
semi-aniline leather
Android re-engineered
aLuminum OS with
OTA updates
Active noise
Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
5.0 enabled

On-device controls

256G or 128G internal drive

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Fully Secure


Web3 Enabled


Motion Sensors


Noise Cancellation

LTE/4G/3G Network

Powered by Android 11

Designed with Creativity, Crafted with Passion

Always connected

The headphones use a NANO SIM card and support all US network carriers without restrictions. The device also supports network carriers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Perform hands-on or hands-free text messaging using the speech-to-text feature for SMS sending and the talkback feature to have incoming messages broadcast privately through your headphones.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

Wi-Fi enabled, the headphones connect directly to a wireless network or can be used via mobile data, and they can even become a mobile hotspot for other devices.

Connect the headphones to another Bluetooth-enabled device for cross-data sharing or to play music.

Fully secure

Transfer documents, invoices, text, and voice messages, using peer-to-peer(P2P) and end-to-end 256-bit encryption. Perform secure blockchain transactions with Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP) and Wispr, allowing users to exchange encrypted data securely.

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Limitless Connectivity with a Truly Mobile and Flexible Experience

CUSTOS is a perfect combination of immersive sound and hands-free giving you the freedom to go about your day.

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Which Headphone is Right for you

CUSTOS Exquisite
$595 $295
CUSTOS Exquisite+
$695 $345
$995 $495

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Frequently Asked Questions

The device is running our Android 11 re-engineered iLuminum OS.

The device uses a NANO sim card and supports all known network carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint. MVNO carriers like Boost Mobile, Lyca-mobile, and Ultra-mobile are also supported. The device also supports all network carriers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Exquisite variant has Black, White, Red, and Brown color options, the Exquisite + comes in Vermilion Red, and the Luxury variant comes in White, Black, Brown, Red, and Purple.

The device has a 2-inch OLED screen with 400 x 454 pixels.
The battery lasts a whole day in rest mode but lasts 13 hours with moderate to heavy use. Continuous heavy use exhausts the battery within 10 – 13 hours.

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