How WagWiseMD Elevates Pet Health Care


Your pet is special and unique in so many ways, their pet care should be too! WagWiseMD technology allows you to customize the care to your pets’ specific needs with precise dosing protocols. All in a smart, connected collar that tracks their activity and an easy to use app.


WagWiseMD’s effective microdosing delivery system gives your dog small, precise doses of the care they need. This Steady State Care means your pet gets what they need, when they need it. No overdoses. No underdoses. Just right.


Our scientists have collaborated with veterinarians to guarantee that your pet receives the best products in a uniquely safe and effective manner. All formulas have demonstrated proven results, ensuring you can use them with confidence for your pet.

Product Features

WagWise MD is launching with pain relief and calming. Flea and tick prevention, heartworm medication, and even prescription care are all in the pipeline.

WagWiseMD Can be Used In Two Ways



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Meet the MedWiseMD App

Seamlessly connect with your pets and our devices through our free downloadable app. Simply schedule delivery, customize dosage, monitor battery power, re-order supplies, and connect multiple devices all from your iPhone or Android device

Customized Dosage

Adjust or boost Intensity

Re-order Supplies

Scheduled Delivery

Monitor Multiple Devices & Pets

Customized Dosage

Adjust or boost Intensity

Monitor Multiple Devices & Pets

Scheduled Delivery

Re-order Supplies

Available for both iOS & Android devices.

Available for both iOS & Android devices.

About Tevra Brands and the future of pet wellness

Tevra brands were established because of the need to make it easier to care for your pets, family, and home. Just like our customers, we at Tevra Brands have a passion for pets and want to give them the highest quality and most innovative products to help them “Live their BEST Life.”

Our strategic focus is on positioning ourselves at the forefront of pet innovation.  In doing so, we aim to disrupt the Pet Wellness Market by introducing a transformative approach to pet care and well-being.

Our team has provided quality and innovative products to customers worldwide for over 10 years. Our products can be found online and in retail stores across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, veterinarians and animal scientists worked together to create the WagwiseMD device and formulas. Their studies found that micro-dosing delivered consistent and effective active ingredients with no signs of side effects.

The calming cartridge is safe for dogs and cats of all ages. He pain relief is recommend for Dogs over 8 weeks of age.

Yes, the dosing amounts and active ingredients are safe for children.

WagwiseMD’s ingredients do not have an odor on their own. However, a very subtle vanilla smell has been added so that users know that the device is working properly. 

No, the collar or diffuser is sufficient for calming. The collar is ideal for anywhere your dog goes while the diffuser can be customized to a specific room or for multi-pet households. For pain relief only the collar can be used.

Yes, multiple pets and devices can be set up and controlled from the app.

WagwiseMD maintains a steady state of efficacy by providing scheduled microdoses. This gives your pet consistent, peak effectiveness day after day. 

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