Premium Stand Up Desks

Select from 3 stand up desks designed by ERGOBOND and equipped with the all new ERGOHUB™ device that monitors your daily work posture to improve wellness. Find your best fit!

Make work a wellness space

With easy out of the box setup, ERGOBOND paired with ERGOHUB make it simple to set goals and track your work day wellness.

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Choose from 3 inspiring designs by ERGOBOND

We’ve shipped thousands of high quality desks to corporate and small businesses all over the world. 

"The Creator"
Turia 48 x 24 + ERGOHUB
$999 (45% off $1800 MSRP)

Smooth manual height transitions

Ergonomic design

Poweder-coated anti-bacterial work surface

54 x 28 inch

10-year warranty

"The Minimalist"
Original Snap + ERGOHUB
$1299 (44% off $2300 MSRP)

Smooth manual height transitions

Ergonomic design

Poweder-coated anti-bacterial work surface

54 x 28 inch

10-year warranty

"The Alpha"
FitDesk Pro + ERGOHUB
$1499 (43% off $2650 MSRP)

3-in-1 sit, stand, cycle desk

Non-electric Snap technology

Poweder-coated work surface

46 x 30 inch

10-year warranty

Your desk is your new wellness assistant

Working behind a desk all day is inevitable. But it doesn’t need to be harmful. With ERGOHUB, your desk sends you helpful reminders to take care of your posture.

ERGOHUB connects to any work space

Fits any desk

ERGOHUB is designed to be compatible with any stand up desk or bundle and save with one of our ERGOBOND stand up desks below!

Keep tidy and green

Create a healthy work space with ERGOHUB that fits under any height adjustable desk. 

Fully customizable

With ERGOHUB and our premium desk bundles, you’ll have the ideal creative office space setup.

Heighten your standing desk experience

Watch your posture

Smart sensors track how long you spend sitting and standing.

Reach your goals

Whether you’re a newbie or novice, set goals that are suitable for you.

View your progress

As your standing minutes improve, so will your posture and motivation.

Build new habits

Handy reminders help you make healthy changes throughout your working day.

Easy to connect, set goals, and check status

Ergohub is your new favorite desk companion device to improve productivity, creativity, and wellnes


Set up your ERGOHUB™


Set custom reminders


Choose your target


Track your progress

How will you use ERGOBOND desk?

Stay focused

72% of standing desk owners reported that they forgot to stand up when they were VERY INTO THE JOB only to realize it when their back hurt. 74% of the people self reported feeling more creative when standing compared to sitting.

Breathe in comfort

Participants in one 7-week study, using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire work day. Additionally, 87% of those using standing desks reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day.

Always keep moving

Alternating between standing and sitting every 30 minutes throughout the workday reduced blood sugar spikes by 11.1% on average (standing for 180 minutes after lunch reduced the blood sugar spike by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time).

1-year ERGOHUB warranty

10-year desk


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