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    Unlock the Perfect Nap to Improve Your Productivity

    Transform your naps into an energizing power boost with Somvai – the only device specifically designed to optimize your nap for peak energy, wellness, and rejuvenation.

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  • Coming Soon on Kickstarter


    The World's Sleekest High-Performance Charger

    Introducing Mello, the smallest 20W charger in the world with a big personality. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket but powerful enough to supercharge your devices.

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  • Now Live on Kickstarter


    The World's First Electric Cardboard Box Cutter

    BoxBlayde is the first purpose-built tool designed to cut cardboard boxes. With its rapidly vibrating blade and dual rechargeable batteries, it makes quick work of even the thickest cardboard boxes.

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  • Now Live on Kickstarter

    The Chronicle by ProMaster

    All-in-One Tripod, Stabilizer, Monopod

    From a completely new take on the ball head that switches from camera to phone modes in seconds, to the Flexor, a reimagined center column with an integrated 3-leg base that provides the ability to rapidly convert the Chronicle to a handheld stabilizer, tabletop tripod, or monopod, we've thought of every way you'll use it.

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  • Launching on Kickstarter Soon


    Experience true locomotion, with optimal VR experience

    C-Infinity applies neuroscience-based principles to traditional VR, so you’ll experience true locomotion without the motion sickness. Creating a perfect synergy between your body and the simulation.

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    Fall asleep faster, with sleep inducing vibrations

    Instead of counting sheep, wethm’s soothing vibrations help distract your mind and increase alpha waves for better relaxation. Helping to slow your breathing down and create the optimum state for sleep.

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    ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus

    Most Advanced and Affordable Meat Thermometer

    Introducing the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus with wifi enabled and bluetooth connection that allows you to cook perfect meat every single time from anywhere.

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  • Over $700K raised on Indiegogo

    Swing Logic SLX Hybrid X3 Pro

    The Swiss Army knife for golfers of any age

    The Most Funded Golf Product of all time on Kickstarter! Practice from anywhere and improve your game with the all-in-one golf simulator, bluetooth speaker, and distance tracker.

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