• Coming Soon to Kickstarter

    Epoch Tiles

    Upgrade your tabletop game with these magnetic terrain tiles

    Epoch Tiles are fun, fast, intuitive and versatile tabletop gaming terrains that allow the user to create fantasy worlds without restriction quickly.

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  • Coming Soon to Kickstarter


    The digital dice revolution!

    Introducing the smallest, digitized cube in the world which combines highly developed technology with familiar haptics.

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  • Now live on indiegogo


    Over $800K raised!

    Look better with Lumina, a 4k webcam powered by AI.

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  • Now Live on Indiegogo

    Beachman '64 Ebike

    Over $250K raised!

    A timeless designed, all-electric bike with top speeds of 32km/h and a cruising range of up to 90km.

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  • Now Live on Kickstarter


    Over $120K raised!

    Up your nutrition intake & boost your overall health with this fun, easy, & eco-friendly microfarm!

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