Shelby Destroyer
Foam Disc Blaster

We're taking Nerf gameplay to a whole new level with incredible accuracy, range, and quick ammo reload.

The Most Accurate, Rugged, & Innovative Blaster on the Market

Loaded with Features

Rapid Fire

Dominate the Competition with Fire Power from 75 to 110 MPH

120 Round Magazine

Foam Discs Remove the Risk of Jammed Ammo

Fast Reload

Like a Pez Dispenser – Release the Cartridge & Reload 2 Stacks at a Time!

Four Power Settings

Fire Power from 75 to 110 MPH

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Portable Charging Dock Included

LED Lights

Battery Power Indicator & Team Color Selection

Colored Indicator Lights

Colored LED lights indicate team loyalties, making battles more realistic than ever. LED lights also notify users of battery charge so you’re never left on the sidelines. When finished, simply remove the Lithium battery and plug it into the external charging base.

Never Ending Ammo

Load stacks of discs all at once, so you spend less time reloading on the battlefield and more time blasting the opposing team. Let the battle rage on!

Adjustable Fire Power

Adjustable power settings provide more accuracy for long-distance shots that fire up to 161 FPS while still allowing for safe play at a closer range. Dominate the battlefield with the standard Destroyer speed.

25 Year Warranty!

We make’em like they used to! True to design, the Shelby Destroyer was built to last. Backed with a 25-year warranty!

Unmatched Quality

The quality, durability, and elite performance of the Shelby Destroyer outmatches all other foam blasters on the market.

The Baddest Blaster On The Block

Invest in hours of fun and endless domination with a blaster that has the rest beat.

About the
Shelby Destroyer Team

David and Henry Pisor are the proud creators of this rugged, authentic foam disc blaster. The father/son team from Chicago has worked with a team of world-class product developers to bring you the most revolutionary toy blaster in the industry. The Shelby Destroyer delivers an epic real-life gaming experience that’s engaging for everyone and built to last.

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