Flex doesn't change the game. It is the game.

The very first augmented reality board game that fuses professional sports with the latest in digital technology.

Introducing Flex NBA

The very first AR board game that fuses professional sports with the latest in digital technology.

Assemble Your Line Up

Play as your favorite NBA player, using their superpowers to take down any of their opponents. Assemble your line up of rising stars, MVPs, All Stars, and more.

Flex on your friends and show them who is boss.

Experience a New Level of Augmented Reality

Watch your favorite NBA players come to life while you play the game with hand-drawn, limited edition, original, each-one-of-a-kind NBA player tile memorabilia, so even the pieces you use in the game are high value!

Power Up and Flex On Your Opponents

Pair your players with special FX tiles to power them up and flex on your opponents.

All the Pieces for a Legendary Game

Play Video
Assemble your starting line up and FX tiles on the foldable/portable gameboard to start the game
Player Tiles
See your players level, confidence points, player types, flexes, and more with these hand-drawn, original, valuable, limited edition tiles
FX Tiles
Upgrades the current stats on your player tile
Ball Die
Rolled in the beginning to see who goes first
Play Action Die
Ability to unlock Tier 2 and 3 Flexes and introduce other combat actions.There are 6 possible actions you can take
Damage Chips
Stacked onto your Opponent as you do damage to their players
Comprehensive Rule Book
Get a breakdown of all the elements of the game such as player levels, player types, how to play the game

Build Up Your Team with One-of-a-Kind Player Tiles

Customized, hand-drawn artwork from the best artists around make these Flex tiles, truly as unique as a fingerprint. Each tile includes specifics that are needed to play and defeat opponents. Register each tile to your account because there is only one of each tile in the world.

The Newest Technology to Authenticate Your Tiles

Now while the gameplay is fun, it’s only half the story. The technology behind Flex is what begins a new chapter in gaming history. The new owner can verify the authenticity and past ownership history of that tile.

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